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What satellite is currently the furthest away from Earth?

November 25, 2010 by  
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What satellite is currently the furthest away from Earth?
Preferably one that is still working.

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5 Responses to “What satellite is currently the furthest away from Earth?”
  1. eri says:

    That would be the Voyager 1 satellite launched in 1977. Yes, it’s still working and sending back images.

  2. SpaceBoy360* says:

    * It’s either Voyager 1, or Cassini.
    I don’t remember exactly.
    It’s probably Voyager 1.

  3. starryskyn says:

    Voyager 1 is far, but it is not a satellite of anything. It is on a course and with velocity to escape our solar system. So it and others like Voyager 2 and several Explorer vehicles are exploration spacecraft.
    There are satellites of planets that are natural, and far from Earth, but I think you mean artificial ones.
    There are artificial satellites that orbit the other planets,and Cassini is one that is around Saturn now.
    There are satellites going around the sun. Ulysses and SOHO are two. They are far from Earth.
    There are many satellites around the Moon. They are far from Earth.
    There are very many satellites around the Earth, and some are quite far, some stay far, and some travel closer to Earth at times. Geosynchronous communications satellites are 22,300 miles from us.

  4. Andrew S says:

    To be a satellite it has to be in orbit about the Earth, so deep space probes such as the Pioneer and Voyager missions do not count. The satellite in the biggest orbit is SOHO at 1.5 million km above the Earth at the Sun-Earth L1 point.

    Update: SOHO certainly does orbit the Earth, and also the Sun. The L1 Lagrange point is a peculiar orbit but objects there orbit both bodies exactly once a year.

  5. Mercury 2010 says:

    the voyager ships are “robotic space probes” not satellites.

    v1 is 16 billion kms away from the sun
    v2 is 12 billion kms away

    Chandra is a telescope that orbits the earth.(satellite) which sits at 133,000 km at its furthest.

    and II/FM 5 6 and 8 which are man made satellites according to NASA’s jtrack app

    Soho doesn’t orbit the earth (I think)
    gotta go to work though.

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